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    YT02 Platform

    This series product is specially designed for the application characteristics of lithium battery of pure electric low speed car and household energy storage system, and it adopts centralized all-in-one structure, and can detect 12~48 series lithium battery, and compatible with LMO, LEF, NCM, LTO and other lithium batteries.


    YT02 Platform

    Adopting centralized all-in-one structure (YT02 Series) Size: (269±1)*(150±1)*(34.2±1) mm
    Installation space requirement, including outlet line position: 270mm*200mm

    Installation size requirement: with M6 bolt, and there are two ways to install:
    a.Front installation size: (259±0.5)*(90±0.5)mm
    b.Rear installation size: (259±0.5)*(124±0.5)mm

    Product Application:
    1. Electric Vehicle: Pure electric low speed car
    2.Vehicles types: 48V AGV car battery system,80V electric forklift power battery system,144V pure electric mini-car power system,Household energy storage system
    3. Battery types: LMO、LFP、NCM 、LTO

    RT02 Platform
    PRODUCT FEATURESProduct Features
    RT02 Platform

    This series product is specially designed for the application characteristics of pure electric lithium battery low speed car and household energy storage system. This series product adopts centralized all-in-one structure, and the battery measurement unit supports 12-48 series battery pack combination, and compatible with lithium manganate battery, ternary battery, lithium iron phosphate battery and lithium titanate battery and other batteries. Hardware can support multi-channel signal input detection and communication signal data output, and software functions can be developed according to the field of product development flexibility.

    FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTIONFunctional Description

    1. BMS self-checking

    2. Single cell voltage detection

    3. Single cell temperature detection

    4. Passive balanced

    5. Battery pack working current detection

    6. Total voltage detection of battery pack

    7. Insulation monitoring

    8. Battery pack SOC estimation

    9. Battery pack SOH estimation

    10. Battery pack SOF estimation

    11. High voltage power supply & power off management

    12. Battery thermal management

    13. Battery malfunction analysis and online alarm

    14. Communication with CAN-bus equipment of vehicle equipment

    15. Battery safety charge management

    16. Data recording and reading

    17. Delayed to turn off power management

    NO. Item Parameters
    1 Basic Parameters BMS working voltage range 12V(9V~16V)
    2 BMS Operating power (rated / peak) 3W/26W
    3 BMS Static power consumption 50μA
    4 BMS Operating temperature range -40℃~85℃
    5 BMS Storage Temperature Range(℃) -40℃~95℃
    6 BMS Operating Humidity Range(%) 0%~95%
    7 Single cell voltage detection range 0~5V
    8 Single cell voltage sampling accuracy ≤±10mV(2V~5V@-25℃~55℃)
    9 Single cell voltage sampling frequency <30mS
    10 Total voltage detection channel number 1(Check the internal total voltage and the external total voltage)
    11 Total voltage measurement range 5V~250V
    12 Total voltage detection accuracy <0.5%FSR(FSR:Full-Scale Range)
    13 Temperature measurement range -40~80℃
    14 Temperature detection accuracy <±2℃(NTC)
    15 Current detection accuracy <1%FSR(FSR:Full-Scale Range)
    16 Insulation monitoring Divided into threesituations,
    0: no fault (> 500ohms / volts),
    1: general failure(100 to 500 ohms / volts),
    2: Severe fault (<100 ohm / volts)
    17 SOC estimation accuracy <8% (BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) working condition)
    18 Insulation fault judgment basis GB/T 18384.3-2001
    19 Balanced mode (Either-or) Passive balanced:100mA(Ternary materials)
    Active balanced:300mA(CC/CV charging)
    20 External CAN interface number Three road (CAN battery, CAN0 Vehicle, CAN2 Vehicle )
    21 relay control road number 5 roads (control power positive)
    22 Relay power (peak) EV200(3.8A)/LEV100(1.0A)/CMA31(0.5A)
    23 EMC performance testing E-POW Enterprise reference standard
    24 Fault data record YES
    25 Battery parameter table * Party A to provide
    26 List of battery management systems * Party B (E-POW) to provide
    27 Battery box battery layout and wiring diagram * Party A to provide

    Electric Sightseeing CarElectric Sightseeing Car

    Electric Golf CartElectric Golf Cart

    City Low-speed Electric CarCity Low-speed Electric Car

    Electric Garbage SweeperElectric Garbage Sweeper

    Electric Golf CartElectric Golf Cart

    City Low-speed Electric CarCity Low-speed Electric Car

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