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How Can The Battery Management System Be Made?

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Battery management system, in fact, can be considered to be the use of lithium-ion batteries in the process of vehicles, in addition to high-voltage wiring, involving the large concept of electronic and electrical systems. Its main task is to make sure that the battery meets the warranty that the car manufacturer can achieve regardless of geography, climate, and other conditions where the car is sold. The general concept is 8 years abroad, 150 thousand miles, 150 thousand kilometers in domestic 5 years, for the battery, the number will be broken down, corresponding to the cycle life Cycle Life and calendar life Calendar life. So, the broad sense of battery management is the integration of batteries into the car.

battery management system

Here comes to calculate an account, assume the price that Kwh lithium ion battery is 2500~3500RMB per kilowatt hour, 20 degrees of electricity, it is 5W~7W. The corresponding BMS system, if all components (motherboards, sub boards, distribution boxes, and manual switches) are added, it is estimated to be in thousands.

If the IPTV value is not good, need to replace the battery pack, all the cost responsibility will fall on all BMS manufacturers on the body; if the user found the battery pack capacity attenuation using full conditions (for Yang Gonglai Science) also need to bear the cost. In such a business model, no one wants to do it, if you take a serious look at the legal terms of your business contract.

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