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Types And Performance Of Power Batteries

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Types and performance of power batteries:

1. battery material. The four main materials of the battery are cathode material, negative electrode material (also called cathode, anode material), isolation film and electrolyte. From the material level, the thermal runaway point of lithium iron phosphate is between 800 and 1000 degrees, and the three yuan material is about more than 300 degrees, which is purely material. But when the battery is made, the heat is out of control and the temperature can't just look at the cathode material.

Types And Performance Of Power Batteries

2. battery packaging. All kinds of packaging cell, cylindrical, square, soft etc.. Internationally made better aluminum shell batteries, the original test data done many years ago is very good, but also tested the more expensive lithium iron phosphate battery.

3. batteries in groups. Introduce the necessity of power battery pack. Why are there so many battery strings and parallel connection on the bus? Because the voltage of the battery is not enough.

4. battery demand by electric vehicles. Electric vehicles want power, and batteries can guarantee enough mileage, especially for pure electric cars. The two factor of primary concern is cost and energy density. As for charging convenience, power characteristics, environmental adaptability also needs attention.

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